End of Year Junior Challenge Finale



Thank you for all the participation making this 2013 End of Year Junior Challenge one to remember. Everyone received a towel bearing our allout challenge logo. Perhaps in a few more years we will see some of these youngsters in the camp!

We went on a little walk over to Big C and got some ice cream at Umm!..Milk. Coach promised after lunch. Eijiro and Kota after their ice cream got busy writing down what they learned today. Eijiro (hat)”I wonder what should I write?” expression on his face.


Kaili, Chihiro, and Kotomi are also busy writing down what they learned in the morning.


We played hit the target and win a prize. Can of balls, vibration dampeners, and beverages. Everyone was quite motivated to really aim and go for the drinks and tennis balls first. In the end, we finished off by playing singles.

I really enjoyed spending time with each individual. Moa, Kaili, Noelani, Chihiro, Kotomi, Kota, Eijiro, Keitaro, Taisei, and Kan.  Each person brought their unique personalities making this camp so special. I truly hope each person has taken home something special that they will remember about this camp. I hope to see familiar faces next year. Thank you all for attending.

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Staff Introduction:

 Kidera George Shinichi APF ACADEMIES COACH

Every year seems to go by so quickly year after year it amazes me.  Let us all cherish each and every moment especially over this winter holiday. I wish all our clients a safe and wonderful end of year.  I look forward to seeing everyone again in 2014. Thank you for making 2013 such a memorable year!!

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