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Why choose APF

4 factors

Adult & Junior Program
Beginner to tournament level From 4 years old & above
Indoor facility
plexi-pave hardcourt
Official surface Australian Open Grade
Certified JTA, USPTA, PTR, & LTAT Coaching Staff
Walking distance from Big C, Kvillage, and Rama IV intersection. 7 min. by car from Phrom Phong BTS.


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New to the game? Welcome!

Enjoy the game from day 1
Rally in 1 month master the fundamentals in 2

  • 1.Want children to learn a lifetime sport
  • 2.Seeking a larger indoor fitness center
  • 3.Eliminate a sedentary lifestyle
  • 4.Meet new faces and enhance Bangkok lifestyle

Supporting a healthy Bangkok lifestyle

Enjoy a good sweat, promote active lifestyle!

  • Covered Indoor Facility , Rental court
  • Shower & locker facility
  • FREE rental service for trial members
  • Starter to advance lesson program
  • Program Philosophy based on All Japan Champion & former Davis Cup Japan player Mr. Kaneko Hideki
  • Professional International Coaching Staff

Professionally Acclaimed

Acquire valuable life skills through tennis

APF Lesson Program

By travelling all around the world, tennis players gain many valuable experiences. For myself, Mr. Kaneko whom I looked up too was someone who exemplified competing against the world. I recall gaining courage by watching Mr. Kaneko. No different after retiring professionally his willingness to challenge himself. Now managing director of APF Academies and starting with Coach Tsukada’s exceptionally experienced coaching staff are there.

Experiencing an international perspective while in Japan is not easily accessible. The program which APF has created is elaborate and original filled with wonderful content. I encourage you to please try it once by all means! Iwabuchi Satoshi Professional Tennis Player

Always Take The Challenge

Since turning pro when there was a tournament in Thailand, I had practiced and trained at APF Academies. To be straightforward in my opinion It is a place where you can receive individual attention. Personable and detailed advice which can be understood right there and then. This is very positive.

Also from when you are young you can learn to be in a global practice environment. Learn not only tennis but also self expression necessary in society to challenge anything! Try out the unique tennis LIFE at APF Academies

Next year allout ZERO1 in Oita!

Oita Prefecture Tennis Association has experienced the allout ZERO1 two consecutive years in summer of 2014 and 2015. Pro Kaneko and Coach Tsukada’s detailed guidance with experience and achievements has become very meaningful to us. I wish APF's continued future success, and hope for another allout in Oita next summer!

Oita prefecture tennis association junior chairman Mr. Nakagawa Jun

The ideal Tennis School!

Former all-Japan champion Hideki Kaneko along with knowledgeable and experienced coaching staff, APF Academies is the ideal tennis school.

Based upon actual experience and results, the theory and program are easy to understand. Easy to follow and to set goals. There is no doubt that everyone's tennis life will definitely be enhanced! Ken's Tennis School" in Chiba Prefecture supports APF Academies!

Ken’s Tennis School

Junior Development Program: U12 & U14 Thai National Ranking No.1

Performance enhancing lesson and extra events for members

Online make-up & Cancel

Smart phone easy registration

Adult Lesson
ST Starter Class

THB 2,500

New Beginners / New Hobby / Cardio & Diet goal oriented
FL Flower Class

THB 4,300

3 or more months of experience / Ability to rally with a coach
BG Advance Beginner

THB 4,300

1 year experience / ability to hit all shots / can rally with peers
IM Intermediate class

THB 4,300

Solid groundstrokes / increase volley ability / further net play experience
AD Advance class

THB 4,300

aim to increase overall volley & ground stroke skills
TN Tournament class

THB 4,300

Adaptability in game based situation / usage of highest technical skills
Junior lesson

THB 3,500

Beginner 3~5 years of age / building foundation

THB 3,500

[red ball] 6~7 years of age / building foundation

THB 3,900

[orange ball] Beginner 8 years old & above / fundamental understanding of strokes
JA (junior advance)

THB 4,100

[green ball] Develop match play experience / Can hit all shots / Can rally with coach
PP(pre players)

THB 4,300

[yellow ball] Further develop shot consistency / advance skills / tactics / ability to rally with others
PL (players)

4 times a week:THB 16,700
6 times a week:THB 19,400

3,4,5,6 days a week. Tournament level experience

3 steps membership

1. Take Free Trial lesson


2. Select regular lesson


3. Choose method of payment

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