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This blog is kind of a continuation of where we left off from last weeks blog about Simona Halep. Her challenges and where we asked the previous questions as to where in life have people faced [cultural] challenges.

As I was reading my monthly subscription of TennisPro, I came across an article titled, “Coaching Teenage competitive players: Are you Asking the Right Questions?” Written by, Dr. Kevin Soden, an interesting section of his article regarding the topic of coaching style based on cultural experience got my attention.

“We all see life through our own eyes and are shaped by our backgrounds and life experiences, which are influenced by race, age, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and physical ability. It’s impossible to view life and others without these filters.” (p.14 Tennis Pro November/December 2017)

 [Cultural] coaching style


Most coache’s base their coaching style on how they were individually treated by their own coach as juniors which is largely influenced by the culture of a particular country.

So what kind of Coaching styles’ are there?

  • Autocratic: [Russia and Eastern European countries] The coach is dogmatic, intimidating, and authoritative over an individual or group.
  • Democratic / Participative: [Australia and USA] Informative in a professional manner and open to feedback. Coaches listen to questions asked and search for solutions. Foster self-esteem through praise of technique and achievements.
  • Laissez-Faire: A coach who has lost interest in what they are doing. Style proven to be largely ineffective.
    (p.14 Tennis Pro November/December 2017)

So what kind of coaching style would I consider myself to fall under??? Honestly, I think a mixture of all [3] coaching styles.  Interesting to ask about coaches in Asia, what kind of coaching style do many Asian countries use? 


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