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Hello this is George! We wanted to showcase how the allout challenge has become more and more international over the years.  Featured in this photo are two good friends from Thailand Pawin a.k.a Palm and Kittirut a.k.a. Sunday. Great smiles guys!

From Singapore Miss Qin Yi who is lining up to use windmill shot. Looking focused! Looking determined!




Several Thai coaches helped as additional staff who were very helpful. Featured in this photo to the right is Nick originally from India.  Looking good with his shades! What are you working on Nick?




Congratulations to Shunji from Japan being accepted into the University of New Mexico Men’s Division I tennis program. Currently ranked in the top 100 for 2012-2013 year. His older brother already plays for the University of Kentucky.




International coaches such as this man Coach Longhi who is half Brazilian and half Japanese. Fluent in Portuguese and Japanese currently resides and coaches in Japan. Very relaxed able to get along with all the players.




The brothers originally from Japan who currently live in India. They’ve also lived in Thailand and the USA.  How many languages do you speak guys?  Tsubasa (blue) and Yu (red) both having a good time!




Mr. Ronan originally from England residing in Singapore practicing his open stance windmill shot. Ronan are you watching the ball? Yu standing in the back checking Ronan’s swing out. Oh I see…




And finally, Joshua, Tyler, and Matthew all brothers originally from the USA in brotherly group photo. How often do you see three family members all in the same camp having a great time! We continue to welcome all junior and professionals from around the globe.


Staff Introduction:

 Kidera George Shinichi APF ACADEMIES COACH
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the allout challenge! Are you ready for the challenge?
I hope everyone has a safe and spectacular end of year!

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