King Rama IX Birthday & Fathers Day Holiday Junior Challenge



Today was a double banger celebration holiday junior challenge. Thailand’s King Rama IX’s birthday & Fathers day.Happy Birthday to the King of Thailand & Happy Fathers Day to ALL Fathers around the world! (Our young man Uno)
Total of 20 students turned out for this years 12/5 junior challenge. Featured here a warm-up exercise using team-work. Can you tell what the kids are doing?


For lunch we went to Ringer Hut Nagasahi Champon in Kvillage  It was smart to pre-order. There was a slight mix up in the ordering, but everyone was able to get their food within reasonable time. The staff at Ringer Hut did a great job seeing that it was a national holiday and many people had come to eat.


Followed by lunch we all walked pack to APF Academies and enjoyed our vanilla, chocolate, or chocolate chip ice-creams to satisfy our sweet-tooth. Marcus hows is the chocolate ice-cream?


Of course after the lunch & ice-cream its back on the courts to get our second round of tennis urge fulfilled. Check out Kanata loading up on this forehand shot. Looks like he is going to be very aggressive with this shot being well inside the baseline.


Thank you everyone for a fantastic 12/5 Holiday Junior Challenge. (We’re only part of the group here) The kids invented a new word in Japanese and I thought it was so original. 「入ってるの反対Outってる。」I just laughed. Sorry its funny in Japanese not translated in English.  Have a great rest of the day!


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Staff Introduction:

 Kidera George Shinichi APF ACADEMIES COACH
Thank you for the great turn-out! I hope to see everyone next year! Please be thankful to your father on Fathers Day.  Also, be respectful for Thailand today is celebrating a very special day.The king’s Birthday. He is 86 years old today.

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初心者でも安心!一般レッスンからプロ選手コースまで充実。バンコク最大のテニスクラブ、APF Academies。