The APF academies adult tennis program and philosophy is designed by former 1995 All Japan champion and managing director Mr.Hideki Kaneko. Our knowledgeable and professional staff are here to support our embers in archieving both technical goals and to develop more healthy individuals. Through the group lessons we aim to create an community where new lasting.

Adult Lesson

In addition to backing up a healthy lifestyle with both mind and body, the adult lesson will support encounter with lots of fellows and enriching Bangkok life through tennis.

ST・Start class

Total beginner or recreation player with no previous formal instruction. Start from the basic [grip , swing and technique of all shots]

FL・Flower class 

Mix feeding & Rallying / Playing doubles from Serve / some previous experience

BG・Beginner class

Achieving better grasp of doubles formation and practice transitioning to net.

IM・Intermediate class

Intermediate level. Increase placement of grand strokes , volley skills up at net.

AD・Advanced class

upper intermediate. Further increase of volley and grand strokes capability.

TN・Tournament class

Upper Advanced. Adaptability and learning high technical skills in game base situation.

※ 1 session is 90minutes.

Junior Lesson

Through tennis, we will instruct you to acquire 3 things (courtesy, rule, effort) necessary for the children to grow admirably as a person. Our goal is to help each child to demonstrate their greatest strength. In addition to raising tennis players, we value our growth as a person.

KD class

Hitting, throwing, running, jumping, having fun while developing foundation. 5 to 6 years old (1 session 60 minutes)

JF・Junior Flower class

Beginner. Fundamentals of understanding stroke , use of body.

JA・Junior Advanced class

Intermediate level. Developing ability to match play while increasing stroke skills.

PP・Pre Players class

upper intermediate. Further developed shot consistency / advance skills / tactics.

PL・Players class

Player course. For juniors competing in local and overseas tournaments / preparing to compete in ITF , future college , and professional level. (4-6 times a week)

※ 1 session 90 minutes.
※ KD class is 60 minutes for 1 session.

Private Lesson

Private lesson 30 minutes, can be ordered per hour. We are also accepting groups of 2 to 4 people (see price list).

Lesson fee
THB 2000/hour(Japanese Coach)
THB 1200/hour(Local Coach)

※ Above private lesson rate is based upon 1 hour 1 person. Multiple person rates are available. Please ask.
※ Cancellation ‘ On The Day’ of reservation will still result in full(100%) charge.

Rental Court

1 hour rental court. Open to general public.(Rental racket and rental balls separate fee.)

Rental court fee
THB 600(Member)
THB 800(Non member)
Rental racket fee
THB 100
Rental ball fee
THB 150/bascket

※ Reservation can be made 2 weeks in advance . Saturday and Sunday rental courts can be booked 1 day prior.
※ Cancellation ‘ On The Day’ of reservation will still result in full(100%) charge.

※ All charges do not include VAT(7%)

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