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So for the past couple of months I have noticed that my touch-screen response on my I-phone 6 plus has regularly become faulty. Countless number of times I have take these measure which I thought was the problem

  • clear out the cache
  • delete video and photo so more memory would be available
  • delete apps which I do not use to free up hard disk space

It turns out the touch-screen glitches is from wear and tear of the LCD screen. It has been 4 years since I purchased the phone and like all electronic devices, they are not meant to last forever. So how much was I willing to spend to fix the LCD screen?


 Authorized apple service center price

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 2.49.59 PM

Obviously with my phone being out of warranty I would be paying $149 USD which would be equivalent of around 4,878THB. So was I willing to spend 5,000THB without searching for an alternative price point? Which lead me to the fabulous MBK center.


MBK Center 4F mobile

Oom Mobile

If you are looking for aftermarket mobile phones / repair / parts the MBK Center is the place to visit. Once you get up to the 4th floor using the escalators it is quite overwhelming with the number of mobile shops to choose. I basically went with my intuition.

Yes I know some shoppers would be weary about allowing someone to tamper with their mobile phone especially in this day and age where privacy even on mobile devices can be sensitive. But after about 30 minutes the shop owners had my new LCD screen ready and it costs $58USD or 1,900THB which is almost 3,000THB cheaper than taking it to an authorized apple service center so I felt good about the entire transaction.

The shop owners were kind enough to tell me if I run into a problem I could come back with my receipt anytime!

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