Overcoming challenges off the court to improve on court

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Being away for two weeks over the holiday can be challenging for young juniors participating in the allout beat. For example, spending Christmas and New Years away from family, eating and living in a community environment with completely different strangers are all part of the allout beat experience.


Just like living in a college dorm, the students are responsible for managing their time from the moment they go to bed to the time they wake up. Preparing what they need for both morning and afternoon practice. It is not as easy as you’d think which is why practice is needed. Practice to build proper routines to become more self efficient and learn how to cooperate with others.

mental toughness

Learning the value of listening and building a strong mental toughness foundation are all part of what is required to be strong individuals. Sure every player wants to improve physically and technically and may be taken by surprise the amount of mental preparation in the initial program.

off court

“That which can not be truly understand.” We all actively try to understand one another at different levels, but nearly impossible to totally comprehend each other. The challenge is to work across the similarities and differences to find balance.


One the greatest personal stories about this camp so far in my mind, is not about how much someone has improved on the tennis court skillfully or physically, but how someone has overcome an emotional obstacle which took place through discomfort. When you step out of your comfort zone is when you realize how uncomfortable and tough it may be, but as the storm weakens their is sunshine on the other side. I am glad that Jayden has found this sunshine.

 The APF way is defense based offensive style of play 

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