(Revised)【Limited time】Private lesson at outside tennis court




For a limited time!
Promotion of private lessons on the outside court!

Coach Kaneko, Sakai, Matsushita, and Otsu are in charge.
The location is possible at your home court or a nearby rental court!


Period:18th、20th、21st May 2021
Time : 11:00~14:00
Place : *1 Anywhere

PS 1
Period:22nd , 23rd May 2021
Time : Anytime
Place : *1 Anywhere

PS 2
Period:24,25,27 and 28th May 2021
Time : Anytime
Place : *1 Anywhere

PS 3
Period:29th and 30th May 2021
Time : Anytime
Place : *1 Anywhere

PS 4
Period:31st May ~ 4th June 2021(Wednesday holiday)
Time : Anytime
Place : *1 Anywhere

Rental courts for customers seem to be relatively easy to make reservations from 10am to 3pm.


1 person : THB 1,500+VAT/h
2 people : THB 2,000+VAT/h
3 people : THB 2,400+VAT/h
Payment can be made by bank transfer or prompt pay.
Bank transfer
Kasikorn bank
Account Number:035-8-24641-9
Account Name:Sanwa Asia Links CO.,LTD
Please read the QR code above.
Account Name:Sanwa Asia Links CO.,LTD

※2 The rental court fee will be borne by the customer separately.
※3 In the promotion, the ball fee and coach travel expenses are included in the price.

How to make a reservation

Reservations for private lessons outside tennis courts are accepted via Line message or phone.
※1 We ask our customers to make reservations for outside rental courts.
Line official account
Phone : 026656278
Mobile : 0819016843
08:30~16:00(Wednesday holiday)


There are so many benefits to having a private lesson on an outside tennis court!

Save time

You can save time on the move by using the tennis courts in your condo or near your home.
You also don’t have to pick up and drop off, so you can spend your time doing other things.

On your familiar tennis court

The way the ball bounces on the tennis court changes depending on the location, right? By taking lessons on your own familiar tennis court, you will not have to make fine adjustments due to changing courts, so your skills will improve faster!

With friends in the condo

You want to play tennis with your friends, but you don’t have a chance to go to APF academies, right?
The coach will come to your tennis court! Let’s take this opportunity to play tennis with your friends!

Practice secretly and make a difference

Let’s make a difference to your tennis friends without telling them!
Let’s them surprised, “You’re getting better before I knew it!”


Here are some frequently asked questions.
Please refer.

*1 Where is an outside tennis court possible?

It is possible anywhere.
We are preparing to refer to this coat as well.
①Sunshine court(Sukhumvit 38)
②Sun tennis court(Sukhumvit 40)
③KS court(Sukhumvit 71)
④Sakolpan sports club(Sukhumvit 71)
⑤Simoorgh tennis academy(Sukhumvit 56)
Please refer to this link for details.

*2 Is the rental court fee included in the private lesson fee outside?

Rental court fee is not included in private lessons outside. We ask our customers to reserve and pay for rental courts.
Depending on the location, there may be additional costs if an outside coach takes lessons, so please check each place when booking your own court.

*3 Are rental ball fees and coach travel expenses included in the price?

Balls and travel expenses are included in the lesson fee. Children’s lessons may also use Midi balls, depending on their level.

Are private lessons outside only during the promotion period?

We always accept private lessons outside.
The lesson fee is different from the promotion period.

Can I choose a coach in charge?

You can choose your coach if you wish. Please specify your preferred coach when making a reservation.

Is it possible to travel outside Bangkok?

Currently, it is limited to Bangkok.
Depending on the reservation status, the coach may not be able to ask for the time, so please check with the coach when making a reservation for the time and place.

Can I rent a tennis racket?

Tennis rackets can be rented, but please let us know in advance.
We do not rent tennis shoes, so please bring your own.
Basically, we recommend using tennis shoes, but if you do not have tennis shoes, you can use athletic shoes or sneakers.

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