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Thank you Yonex Thailand for organizing this event. Stepping outside my normal surroundings was nice and a great opportunity to be amongst the Thai tennis community.  This has been my 3rd event  participation and was delightful to be able to contribute even more this time around. I wish more expat juniors and tennis international enthusiast including all APF Academies members could have experienced this event.

Great tennis enthusiasm


Mostly juniors of different levels and a few adults joined the workshop. From first time clay court goers to juniors who play competitive tennis. There was something for everybody. We all had a great time sliding in all directions on the artificial clay.

Learning to slide on clay

Keeping your weight forward while sliding is the tricky part. Most of the time the weight ends up on the back foot.

Big thanks to organizer Khun Jack


Khun Jack has invited me to several Yonex events over this year. I am honored to be a part of his well respected network. I wish to collaborate with him more in the near  future.

Sample from the two greatest

The juniors get a big kick out of Paradon blasting away, creating wicked angles, and kicking the ball high off the ground. Danai did an awesome job keeping the ball nice and steady.

Former APF student(s) came out


Thanks Koki & Tomo for both coming out. They both attend the ASB school green valley campus which is virtually neighbors to Thana City Sports Club. Although we did not fully understand what was being spoken in Thai we enjoyed ourselves through the game of tennis which we all love.

For future information visit Yonex Thailand

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George Kidera
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George Kidera has been coaching at APF Academies since April 2011. He had played tennis for the Bulldogs at Truman State University from 2000-2002. His role has been to promote and support all levels of the international tennis community at APF. "Coaching tennis is a wonderful experience and a great teaching tool to develop our next future leader."