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For Miss Naomi Osaka 2018 has been a huge year for her beginning with her first round win at the Miami Open against her idol Serena Williams who just came back after giving birth. Miss Naomi’s latest victory comes from her first major title winning the Indian Wells Tournament in March against Daria Kasatkina (Russia). She is currently world No.# 21.


A bit of Family background


Naomi has a Japanese mother, Haitian father, and an older sister. Naomi was born in Osaka, Japan and moved to Florida at the age of 3. Her father Leonard Francois decided Naomi should represent Japan the country of her birth place.

Older sister Mari also plays on WTA


Mari Osaka is age 22 and has a current WTA ranking of #289. They have been talked about as being the next future William sisters.


A breath of fresh air

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She is very honest and open about how she answered the journalist.

For example:

  1. Question 1(journalist) 0:54 Naomi you looked quite calm out there during the match. Could you tell us how you were feeling in the inside and you managed to stay composed throughout the match?
    (Naomi ) “I was extremely stressed and extremely nervous, but my plan was to FAKE that was very calm so I am glad that you said that so that means that it worked.”
  2. Question 2 (journalist) 2:57 You joked that it was the worst acceptance speech of all time, none of the would stand in middle of the stadium and give a speech so how did it feel?
    (Naomi) “I prepared and everything and I knew what I was going to say in which order, but when we called me I freaked out and I just started saying whatever came out of my mouth first. So yeah it was pretty embarrassing.”


A natural speech NOT Her worst ‘acceptance speech’


All the best Naomi in 2018!


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