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Hello everyone! In this episode we’d like to exhibit the importance of on and off-court training done daily throughout the two weeks. Our knowledgeable trainers from TPP training studio (Japan) help our athletes of all ages with appropriate condition to bring awareness to what needs to be emphasised.


Group training activities during warm-up featured here is an exercise focusing on quick footwork and weight shifting. Training is intense, but as you can see the smile on everyones’ face!!

Trainer Tanaka working with a group of girls off-court on explosive starts

Trainer Motohashi focusing on athletes’ change of direction in reference to body and ball position. Combining the tennis,  the footwork element, and  understanding the body mechanics allows the athlete to become more aware of themselves.

On court coordination exercises such as learning how to take the ball on the rise and finishing with good balance. Athletes’ are able to focus more on the ball and their positioning by taking the racket out of the equation.

Game-based partner training of Rock,Paper, Scissor. The demands placed in this game are quick reaction skills, hand & eye coordination, and footwork shuffling along the court make this a fun and multi-purpose training activity.


Click on the photo to view this group training session!! See what our group training sessions are about.


Staff Introduction:

 Kidera George Shinichi APF ACADEMIES COACH
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the allout challenge! Are you ready for the challenge?I hope everyone has a safe and spectacular end of year!

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