End of Year Junior Challenge Day 3



Hello everyone! Day 3 of our End of Year Junior Challenge. Another great day and a lot of fun with everyone. Here is miss Moa getting a good look at her forehand. She looks pretty focused on the ball.

A bit of a mystery girl miss Kotomi. She’s got the poker game face even more with her sun visor down making it nearly impossible to figure her out. Although, we got her to open up near the end of day 3.

Trying out body paint to see how the kids would react. Obviously here the reaction was positive. Little drawings in addition to everyone name. What a great way to learn everyones name!!

Coach George helping Eijiro with his service motion. Trying to get the shoulder to move out and away from his right shoulder. For just having played 2 months he seems to catch on pretty quickly. Impressive!

For additional photos and videos of day 3 please view the link below.


Staff Introduction:

 Kidera George Shinichi APF ACADEMIES COACH
Every year seems to go by so quickly year after year it amazes me.  Let us all cherish each and every moment especially over this winter holiday. I wish all our clients a safe and wonderful end of year.  I look forward to seeing everyone again in 2014. Thank you for making 2013 such a memorable year!!

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