allout beat 2017 Coaches Message

Wish Coach Ota (left), My daughter Rei (middle) & Pro Motomura (right)

Hello everyone! Minasan Otsukaresama-deshita! My memories and message. How it all began…


[Organizing & Setting-up] : 2017 New Location

Thank you Khun Jinne and the entire staff at Tepp Serviced Apartment. Without your full cooperation and support we could not have done it! Compared to the previous Kiarti Thanee Country Club, the Tepp is a huge upgrade for both athletes’ and coaches’!



Additionally, thank you miss Jane (reception) for you all your support and patience. This year we faced a lot of new challenges. Yes, the organization was not perfect, but we can learn from our mistakes and improve for this 2018 year!


[The arrival]: First group


The camp officially took for myself and coach Kengo when we picked up the first arriving group from Suvarnabhumi airport.


[12/22 & 12/23]: Pre-camp kick start!

Ono Ryo (age 8), winner of this years MVP award, left an impression on me during pre-camp. The tennis court & facilities at Bangkok Patana School are immaculate!


[Dec.24th-26th]: Three days of foundation


Three days of foundation laid out the basis for which all players have a clear understanding of the camp theme. This year we really emphasized the importance of establishing good ‘HABITS.’ A well trained athlete requires mind, body, and spirit working together. I personally realized a lot of my own flaws and aim this year for further self-improvement!


[The Bottom line]: Nothing happens over night

As a coach and as one individual human being to another, I urge all young athletes to start early to understand the importance of establishing good habits, being self-aware, and being able to adjust when needed.


[On court demonstration]: Link visual to actual

The athletes’ gain a further understanding from the video presentation by actual on court demonstration.


[WTA Professional Miss Nara Kurumi] :The Pro’s Showing us how it’s done!

Every successful professional has a handful of favorite tactics they like to use. This years camp started with offensive tactics followed by defensive tactics in order to emphasize the importance of having good defensive skills.


[Daily Nutrition]: Nutritious and delicious meals provided by Nanjya Monjya!

This year the entire food menu was calorie counted and made specifically to cater towards tennis athletes. I will be honest I gained a few (kg)s during the camp having eaten so much food! Thank you so much for the Nanjya staff for their daily efforts waking up at 4:00am in the morning to prepare breakfast for us!


[Protein Intake]: Recovery & Boost Immune System

This year we introduced protein supplementation for every athlete to assist in recovery and increasing the immune system. Every athlete no matter the age took 20 grams of protein in the morning and immediately after practice in the afternoon.


[Dec.27th onward] ‘Zero hour’ (06:15am)

 Starting on the 4th day of camp, we had incorporated early morning exercise before the 7:00am lecture. A case study linking the positive effects of exercise and brain. The increase in blood flow to the brain promote better learning conditions.


[Training on & off court] By TPP Training Studio

Starting from the 4th day, three separate venues were used Bangkok Patana School, Bangna Tennis Court, and Simoorgh Tennis Academy soi 56. Everyday the trainers would systematically come around and spend at least 45 min.~1 hr. training with the entire group.


[Private lesson] ‘It’s what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light’ – Under Armour

Mr. Uno from Bangkok, putting in the extra training after regular practice with TPP Studio Tanaka and Sakuma Trainer.


[12/25]: Black Bull Christmas Party ‘STEAL’

The HUGE christmas cake provided by S&P foods.

The Christmas gift exchange this year had a slight ‘twist’ to it by adding a chance to ‘steal’ another persons gift item. The idea is originally from the white elephant gift exchange.


[12/31 OFF Day]: Yaowarat Heritage Museum Tour

Taking a complete day-off and visiting a museum displaying how the Chinese immigrants first established themselves in Thailand. The museum is located in Chinatown. Following the tour was thai-sukiyaki lunch buffet, and finishing off with several hours at Mega Bangna shopping mall.


[Count DownTradition]: Happy New Year 2017

Continuing the tradition and enjoying the leftover subway sandwiches.


[Friends Reuniting]: Good to see you again Coach Patrick!


Coach Patrick came last year and back again! I can not believe it has been 1 year already since the last time we met.


Finally..[Back home Again!]: It all happened so quickly!


 I thank every individual and all supporting staff for making this camp one of a kind! It takes a lot of early preparation and dedication to make it happen with no one person doing it alone. All the very best to every participating athlete and professional this 2018 year. See you again soon!!