“One of those days”




When I initially looked at the score and saw Roger Federer leading the match comfortably at 6-2, 7-6, and starting the 3rd set, I thought this match was going to be in Rogers bag very soon. Apparently, the match started to slowly shift during the 3rd set as Roger had stated post-match interview at 5-5 or when he couldn’t close out the 3rd set having match point things started to change

“I Couldn’t surprise him anymore”


Roger had stated during the warm-up practice he felt great, he was feeling the ball well, but the outcome of the match just did not happen for him that day against Kevin Anderson.Specifically, Federer stated that he could not create more opportunity in the 3rd with the chances that he had.

Big 1st serve & great 2nd serve returner


Spectacular win for Anderson as he showed how he was able to hang in just long enough to turn things around starting from the 3rd set.

“Having to explain your loss is the worst feeling”

How long will it take for Federer to get over this loss and move forward? His answer as he stated, “it might be a few days or much shorter.” We all have these moments in our lives when we have prepared ourselves for certain situations, but it just didn’t work out. We all learn to keep moving forward. Roger plans to be playing in next years Wimbledon.

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George Kidera
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George Kidera has been coaching at APF Academies since April 2011. He had played tennis for the Bulldogs at Truman State University from 2000-2002. His role has been to promote and support all levels of the international tennis community at APF. "Coaching tennis is a wonderful experience and a great teaching tool to develop our next future leader."