Simona Halep’s Challenge




Hello everybody. As I was reading this months French Open Special Tennis Magazine, it features Simona Halep and began reading into the article.  A little bit about her:

  • Current WTA World No.#1
  • From Constanta,Romania 5’6” 132 pounds
  • two-time finalist at Rolland Garros
  • Head Coach Darren Cahill from Australia
  • ‘Most Popular Player’ most clicked player on WTA website 2014-2015

Her Strengths


Halep has been well known on the WTA tour for her

  • incredible speed to take time away from her opponents
  • Super agile and dynamic around the court
  • preternatural stamina

Her Weakness


Despite her amazing physical abilities, work ethic, and determined spirit she has been battling [Negativity]. She believe part of her negativity and fatalism comes [Culturally]. Her coach Darren Cahill from Australia has even walked away from Halep’s match against Johanna Konta in the quarterfinals of the Miami Open because of her [Attitude]. Since then she was worked hard to change.


So how does this article occur to me?


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Well I’ll break it down into a few points:

  • We need to understand that this is an article for reading entertainment
  • Tennis and any other sport requires a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual balance
  • Simona Halep’s comment about her own mental mindset is determined by her culture is very interesting

“Can you think of what [Cultural] challenges you have faced or are still facing that influence you to be who you think you are?”


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George Kidera has been coaching at APF Academies since April 2011. He had played tennis for the Bulldogs at Truman State University from 2000-2002. His role has been to promote and support all levels of the international tennis community at APF. "Coaching tennis is a wonderful experience and a great teaching tool to develop our next future leader."