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Hello everyone. UTR Thailand is hosting 6 tournament series for U11, U13, U15, and U19 for both boys & girls singles. The winner of the U19 singles will win a trip to watch the U.S. Open!!
To sign up for this event you must create an account at powered events.

Sign-up page should like like this 

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What is UTR?

Benefits of UTR?

  • Ranks professional, college, junior and recreational player all in SAME SYSTEM (Anyone can get UTR!!) 
  • Rating based on most recent 30 matches
  • Important Rating Factor
    • Margin of victory/loss
    • Defeating Higher Ranked players
    • Not losing to lower ranked players

**Information provided directly from the myUTR youtube video**

Your rating between 1 ~ 16.5

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Rankings are all on 1 single platform from beginner to professional

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For more information on how to become member go to

Interested in playing  future college tennis in U.S.

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UTR is the official rating system of the Intercollegiate Tennis Association

For information about APF or to join a free trial lesson visit:

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George Kidera
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George Kidera has been coaching at APF Academies since April 2011. He had played tennis for the Bulldogs at Truman State University from 2000-2002. His role has been to promote and support all levels of the international tennis community at APF. "Coaching tennis is a wonderful experience and a great teaching tool to develop our next future leader."