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Hello everyone!
If you live or are familiar to the Ekkamai area you’ve probably heard and perhaps been to the friendly Dog in Town Cafe. Rei and I having been to several cat cafe’s decided this time we try a dog cafe to spice things up. It was thrilling for her being around big dogs for the first time.  A fun place to visit and relax with very well cared dogs. You’ll fall in love with at least one.

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Do you like dogs or cats?


The owner has a total of 9 dogs. Featured here in this photo is ‘Surasak’ the Schnauzer and ‘PhloenChit’ the Siberian husky. Each one unique in personality and character.

The Westy named ‘Nana’


Nana was a bit more calm after his exercise. Rei, my daughter was able to get closer to him.

‘Asok’ the Samoyed


Asok is definitely one of the more active dogs in the family. Here he is taking a ice water break after running around the yard. He is part of the Wolf team with ‘Asok’, ‘Chitlom’, ‘Bearing’ and ‘PhloenChit’

The French Bulldog


‘Punnawithi’ is highly active and isn’t afraid to wrestle around with the Big boys.

‘Ari’ the Collie


Ari has a fantastic coat and looks very confident. He tends to be a bit rough with the Wolf Team and has to be warned by the staff to settle down. When he’s relaxed he looks so well composed. Rei was able to get a closer picture with him. Not at the hugging stage comfort zone yet. With a few more visits we’ll see.  I miss seeing our own dog Lilly.


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